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Energy efficiency means doing more with less—so we maintain (or exceed) performance while saving both energy and money.Energy efficiency is a way of managing and restraining the growth in energy consumption. The concept of efficiency can be applied in energy extraction, transportation, conversion, as well as in consumption .We deliver energy conservation services for industrial, commercial, construction, building design, domestic sectors, non-profit and governmental bodies, in the form of energy audits and recommends our consumers to follow up with energy efficient technologies. In addition, the carbon footprint can be reduced, meeting corporate social responsibility goals and providing a clearer social conscience for employees.

At Mangla, we have a variety of energy efficient products and appliances to choose from. We cater to your needs and deliver your requirements efficiently. Contact us for your best fit to learn more about the tips and tricks to save energy and increase efficiency.

We’re into energy efficiency innovations to conserve our planet!!

Mangla acts as a distributer of LED lighting technologies of SYSKA LED, Philips, etc. and energy efficient fans such as- which helps its customers to save energy and money.

>> LED Lights


LED is a greatest contribution since the invention of electric lighting systems. LED bulbs create a perfect light quality for every occasion. LED bulbs provide immediate, significant energy savings. LED has no flickering issues and offers a high color rendering index.

Benefits of LED Lighting:


>> Energy Efficient Fans

Ceiling Fans can bring numerous energy saving benefits to the home. Most ceiling fans use only about as much power as a 100 watt light bulb. When used properly, ceiling fans can save you money in utility bills.

Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan makes use of BLDC (Brushless Direct Current Motor) technology and consumes only 25 Watts power.


Benefits of Energy Efficient Fans