Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions:


           At Mangla Smart Energy Solutions, we create a well-furnished track for a sustainable future. We integrate economic progress with environmental concerns and social responsibility. We addresses the global concern for energy crisis and environmental protection through our buildout in the use of solar energy and energy efficiency.

>> Industrial Process Heating (IPH)




              Industrial sector is responsible for ingesting a third of the overall energy produced. Out of this, 70% is used to generate the process heat alone. Around 60 % of it falls within the temperature range of up to 400°C.  This application can be met using solar thermal technologies.



Retain back the initial investment with every sunrise!!


>> Desalination Systems

         Desalination is the scientific process of converting brackish or contaminated water into potable water. Around the world, there is more salty groundwater than fresh, drinkable groundwater. For example, 60 percent of India is underlain by salty water – and much of that area is not served by an electric grid that could run conventional reverse-osmosis desalination plants. Conventional desalination systems are expensive and energy intensive technologies. Solar energy offers a chance for bringing down the cost of the system as well as the cost of operation. The principle of solar desalination is the natural hydrological cycle (evaporation and condensation). The incorporation of solar desalination in solar thermal power plants makes complete sense as it is extremely probable that anywhere there is high enough solar radiation to justify a CSP plant, water would be a more valuable and necessary product than power. Even industrial waste heat is being employed for desalination process. The most common type of solar desalination technologies are: membrane separation and phase change process.  For large scale systems the technology employed are multi- stage, reverse osmosis and multiple effect desalination systems.


Applications of solar desalination systems:

  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment
  • Seawater Treatment
  • Drinking Water
  • Water Reuse

Agricultural Sector




Clean water for a thirsty world through Sun Power!!

 >> Massive Cooking Systems

          The conventional cooking technologies using LPG and electricity are already overpricedand gradual reduction in their subsidies will continue to add stress on household budget. The majority of rural community depends on firewood for cooking process. The recent escalation in usage of firewood for cooking and heating applications results in the degradation of forest systems (deforestation). Solar cooking and biogas cooking are the alternative answers to conventional energy consuming costlier technology. These technologies ensure zero emission.


Benefits of utilizing solar and bio energy for cooking:

  • Clean and free energy source with zero emission
  • Healthy way preserving more of the natural nutrients of the food
  • Efficient like the traditional cooking methods
  • Even temperature prevents the food from burning





Mangla helps in setting up massive and small scale cooking systems using green energy sources according the client requirements.

Cook your food without firewood, LPG or electricity, let the Sun and living organic matter power your life!!

>> Effluent Treatment Systems



          Water problems such as water shortages and pollution are occurring around the world due to population hike, industrial development and improvement of living standards. To solve those problems, global cooperation is needed beyond regional or national boundaries. Industrial sector is in search of sustainable solutions that guarantees long term survival of their businesses, maintain growth and win the support of communities. Pressure on resources is forcing them into a paradigm shift. And at this juncture Mangla, takes up this challenge as an opportunity and renders innovative solutions to our clients. We manages facilities able to treat increasingly complex effluents in accordance with ever more stringent discharge standards. We provide state-of-the-art design, detailed engineering, procurement, project management, project execution & commissioning and operation & maintenance services and thus helping our clients in building up effluent treatment plants.

 Preserving the most valuable resource on earth. Every drop counts!!

>> Cooling Systems



           In the present scenario, the cooling load demands are rising at an alarming rate due to rise in global temperature level. The conventional cooling systems employs a compressor that consumes a major portion of the electrical energy to bring about the cooling effect. Solar and bio energy are the most effective replacements to the conventional resource in cooling application. Green energy based cooling technologies are gaining popularity in the research activities as well as in the market. The major constraints yet to be addressed with the green energy based cooling systems are- the heavy initial investment, low efficiency compared to conventional units, and complexity of the system. Mangla, focuses on this key issues through its R& D sect and can assist our clients in establishing an efficient cooling system based on solar/waste heat / bio energy or hybrid cooling systems and passive systems.


Follow the green and radiant technologies and save our sky!!!

>> Bio Energy



Bio energy is the largest renewable energy resource today, contributing a major part to meet the primary energy demand in the world.

Applications of bio energy:

  • Cooking (Biogas)
  • Biofuel (Biodiesel & Ethanol)
  • Electricity Generation
  • Space Heating
  • Cooling System
  • Cogeneration Systems (Heat & Electricity)

The bio energy research sector in Mangla, emphasize mainly on developing and operating of multi-fuel biomass-based power plants that generate electricity from agricultural residues and waste from agriculture crops, forestry and related industries, such as rice, mustard and soya bean husk, straw, cotton and maize stalks, coconut and ground nut shells, wood chips, poultry litter, and bagasse. We are targeting regions with sufficient scope of bio energy resources, friendly policy for incorporation, and areas with large waste lands.

Grow your own field of green fuels and harness the living power!!

>>Waste to Energy

          This division focuses on reforming of waste to retrieve the energy. It concentrates mainly on the solid and liquid wastes. In recent years, technologies have been developed that not only help in generating substantial quantity of decentralized energy but also in reducing the quantity of waste for its safe disposal. A rebirth of interest is noticed in this sector due to attractive support tariff rates for the energy developed using this technology. The major motive behind setting up a new platform for waste to energy at Mangla is to minimize the volume of waste and bring down the pollution rates, besides generation of substantial amount of power.


 Recover the energy from the Refuse!!